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Any mattress can be made in non-standard shape (round or oval mattress) or sizes, as well as with a wooden frame.

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Comfortable universal mattress with features of both firm and medium firm mattress. The natural coconut fibre plate from one side increases its firmness and elasticity while the Memory Foam layer, which reacts to the body temperature, perfectly conforms the body shape and correctly distributes the pressure. The independent spring block Pocket Spring ensures correct and even load distribution, increasing the quality of orthopaedic features. Double-sided orthopaedic mattress.


Universal non-spring mattress with high-quality orthopaedic features. It consists of several layers from different materials – latex, HR foam and coconut fibre plates. Air channels in the latex layer and the high air circulation of the natural coconut fibre provide good ventilation and optimal temperatures. This mattress model is very durable and efficient. Memory Foam layer substantially improves the quality of the sleep and increases the orthopaedic features of the mattress. Double-sided orthopaedic mattress.


Roll-up Memory Foam top-mattress keeps the natural shape of the body during the sleep, conforming and holding it, thus preventing the muscle tension. Using the top-mattress – it is a possibility to improve the orthopaedic features of your mattress and to prolong its life

Memory Silver

This mattress is perfect for everyday sleeping and for a people with a back problem, like an osteochondrosis - Memory Foam evenly distributes the body weight on the surface of the mattress, thus reducing the pressure on particularly sensitive body parts almost twice. The mattress is based on an Silver Foam block, which is a flexible and comfortable material. It is moderately firm and perfectly adapts and repeats the shape of the body, ensuring a comfortable and healthy sleep. Silver Foam perfectly dampens the movements of the mattress caused by your partner's turning - your sleep will be uninterrupted and relaxing. Silver Foam is non-allergenic material. Thanks to the closed pore structure, it prevents parasites from entering and multiplying in the mattress, greatly reducing the potential problems faced by those with allergies Double-sided mattress.
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